Financial Planning
If you:

  1. would like clear vision to your company’s financial future
  2. have a P&L forecast, but lack balance sheet and cash flow forecasts
  3. need to know when working capital will be short – or plentiful – and how to close the gap
  4. are seeking bank or other financing, but are not certain what kind or how much
  5. need to translate your company’s annual budget to a workable, day to day guide
  6. want to know how best to fund growth or other financial milestones of your company

Evelyn can help you by developing a financial model that allows you to see your complete financial picture a year from now, two years from now, or further down the road.


Cash Management

If your company lacks a cash budget and the resources to enforce it, Evelyn can help you by setting up that budget and working with your staff, your bank, and your vendors to bring formality to the treasury function.